We hope everyone will join us Saturday, September 22, 2018 as the Band and Color Guard march 5 kilometers through the neighborhoods surrounding Reedy. This is a GREAT opportunity for us to build community relations with our neighbors, create new traditions and begin to foster a LOVE for music in our younger families!

As a means of helping with our fundraising efforts, we have created an online donation form. Use this wonderful tool on your social media platforms and send emails to friends and family, asking for their support of our fabulous students.

The Band will still march in the rain, so please come out for a few minutes as we go by or play a mini concert with your umbrellas and encourage/support our awesome band kids! There will be volunteers walking with donation buckets too.

If there is truly severe storms or lightening, decisions will be made by our directors whether to simply wait it out a little or reschedule. Please understand that we may have a slight delay here and there if we are waiting on heavy rain to pass. Here's to hoping we can march between storms.

Route 1 – Sparks Elem./West Falls Village (Approx. start time of 9:40am)

KICK OFF w/Mini Concert at Newman Park

Leave Park head East on Idlewild Dr. to Shady Shores Dr.

RIGHT on Shady Shores Dr. – Mini Concert - 8327 Shady Shores Dr.

RIGHT on Hathaway, LEFT on Albritton

LEFT on Angel Falls Dr. RIGHT on Pallisades Dr.

RIGHT on Granite Rapids Dr. – Mini Concert - 1895 Granite Rapids Dr. / Continue to end of Granite Rapids,

RIGHT on Twin Falls Dr.

LEFT on Angel Falls Dr. / End at Sparks Elem/Newman Park

Route 2 – Wyngate/Pearson Farms West (Approx. start time of 10:50am)

Start on Rawlings Lane

RIGHT on Autumn Lane

RIGHT on Silverbrook Lane - Mini Concert - 7954 Silverbrook

Continue on Silverbrook Ln.

RIGHT on Sharlis – Mini Concert - 2683 Sharlis

LEFT on Old Province Way

RIGHT on Ipswich to buses


Route 3 – Bledsoe/Lone Star Ranch – (Approx. start time of 12:40pm)

Blazing Star to Mini-concert - 5973 Blazing Star Rd.

Continue on Blazing Star – Right on Kingsview – Mini Concert - 1681 Kingsview Dr.

LEFT on Lone Rock Dr.

RIGHT on Midnight Moon Dr.

RIGHT on Timber Ridge Dr. - End at Bledsoe

Route 4 – Saddle Brook Village (Approx. start time of 1:30)

Mini-Concerts – 2 at Grassy Hill on Hideaway Ln.

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