Nominations for Reedy Band Executive Board

It is that time of year when we open up nominations for candidates to serve on the Reedy Band Executive Board for the 2019-2020 school year. It is a really rewarding experience serving on the board as well as on sub-committees....First, you get to be close to your kid(s) and know their friends. Secondly, it is such a rewarding experience seeing our band grow and accomplish more each year. Can you believe, just three years ago, we didn't even have a Varsity football team and there was no band show at all - We've come a long way!! Finally, You will never regret spending time in the band if it is something your kid(s) love. It won’t be long before they have graduated and moved on to other activities - where parents are no longer involved. Please fill out the interest form for yourself or for someone you'd like to nominate with the applicable skill-set to be a candidate for the Executive Board. All forms must be turned in by Feb. 15th to the Nominating Committee, which is being chaired by Mary Huizinga, via email at Otherwise, you may drop your form, marked “Nominating Committee”, in the lockbox in the band hall.

The slate of nominees will be presented at our Booster meeting in the April time-frame, and elections are scheduled for our May meeting.

Thank you so much, and please contact Mary Huizinga if you have any questions.

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