2020 - 2021 Executive Board

President:  Jessica Pham - ReedyBandBoosters+President@gmail.com

1st VP – Volunteers: Hema Prasad - ReedyBandBoosters+Volunteers@gmail.com

2nd VP – Ways & Means:  Sherry Jacobs - ReedyBandBoosters+WM@gmail.com

Treasurer:  Michael Swimelar - ReedyBandBoosters+Treasurer@gmail.com

Secretary:  Judith Statham - ReedyBandBoosters+Secretary@gmail.com

Hospitality: Alicia Baker - ReedyBandBoosters+Hospitality@gmail.com

Communications:  Edy YiiReedyBandBoosters+Communications@gmail.com

Parliamentarian:  Kristin Langford - ReedyBandBoosters+Parliamentarian@gmail.com

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